Marc Trayter i Vilagran, Lawyer in Girona-Costa Brava since 2003 619 475 337

In my professional track as English speaking lawyer in Girona (Barcelona – Spain), I’ve represented foreign people who had some matters in Girona-Costa Brava such as real estate, properties, divorces, inheritance, criminal offences, court proceeding… In many cases is necessary to trust and count on a local lawyer in order to avoid damages caused by different nationality or residence abroad.

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Marc Trayter Lawyer in Girona-Costa Brava.

The Law Office

Law Office Girona - Costabrava

Since July 2003, Rovira & Vila Advocats is the law office where I’ve been developing my professional career. Established in 1994, Rovira & Vila Advocats has a tradition of providing quality professional legal services to our clients in Girona- Costa Brava.

In “Rovira & Vila Advocats” we work closely with our clients to help them respond optimally, defend their rights and avoid litigation. In case of inevitable dispute, we help our clients to achieve results consistent with their interests.

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Family Law. Lawyer In Girona
Family Law
Property Law. Lawyer In Girona
Debt Collection. Lawyer In Girona.
Debt Collection
Inheritance Law. Lawyer In Girona.

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